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Nothing But Miracles Walt Whitman

Nothing But Miracles

Walt Whitman

Published October 1st 2003
ISBN : 9780792261438
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Why are cats chosen over people to illustrate and showcase part of a Walt Whitman poem? Do you need to ask, people? Obviously, the black momma cat, gray daddy cat, and yellow baby cat are better at explaining miracles in everyday life to little children. Cats are just perfect at getting at what Whitman is trying to convey here. Life is miraculous, whether you are a cat sleeping on top of your dad in a tent, eating fishies off a table with other cats, or wading your kitty paws in the edge of the water along the beach. We know that for cats to want to do that is nothing short of a miracle. Ah. Miracles. They are all around you. And cats. They are always there too. Creepy. And miraculous.