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In a Summer Season Elizabeth  Taylor

In a Summer Season

Elizabeth Taylor

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kate Heron is a wealthy, middle-aged woman who feels fragile as her life is changing. She was a widow with children, Tom and Louisa, that no longer needed her constant attention. She is now married to Dermot, much to her friends silent disapproval. Dermot is ten years her junior and a troubled character. A close friend of Kates returns and this stirs up feelings in Kate which cause conflict.The theme of ageing is threaded through the novel. The difference in generations and the ghosts of previous partners cause problems. There is a feeling of being unintentionally excluded for some characters from times and memories shared. Hot, sultry days are wasted in unhappiness, rancour and pretence.It is a thoughtfully written novel and as the tension slowly builds, the summer heat pervades the air.