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Keith Windschuttle Jesse Russell

Keith Windschuttle

Jesse Russell

Published July 9th 2012
ISBN : 9785511056586
80 pages
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 About the Book 

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Keith Windschuttle (born 1942) is an Australian writer, historian, and ABC board member, who has authored several books from the 1970s onwards. These include Unemployment, (1979), which analysed the economic causes and social consequences of unemployment in Australia and advocated a socialist response- The Media: a New Analysis of the Press, Television, Radio and Advertising in Australia, (1984), on the political economy and content of the news and entertainment media- The Killing of History, (1994), a critique of postmodernism in history- The Fabrication of Aboriginal History: Volume One: Van Diemens Land 1803-1847, (2002), which accuses a number of Australian historians of falsifying and inventing the degree of violence in the past- The White Australia Policy, (2004), a history of that policy which argues that academic historians have exaggerated the degree of racism in Australian history- and The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume Three: The Stolen Generations 1881-2008, which argues the story of the stolen generations of Aboriginal children is a myth. He has been editor of Quadrant magazine since 2008. He has been the publisher of Macleay Press since 1994.